Computers @ the Library


Cambridge Library offers its members free access to Internet enabled computers; information about joining Cambridge Library is available here


If you do not hold a membership card there is a fee of $4.00 per hour or part thereof. Cambridge Library's computing facilities consist of

  • 1 Library Catalogue PC
  • 1 x 15 minute PC
  • 17 x 3 hour PCs

Using the Cambridge Library Computers

The computers at Cambridge Library must be used in accordance with the Cambridge_Library_Internet_Useage_Policy_Section_5.pdf- from Policy 2.2.2 Library Services - General Administration 


The computer facilites provided by Cambridge Library are a shared service and therefore must be used in an appropriate manner

You should delete any information you have saved to the desktop or the computer itself BEFORE your session has ended; any files saved on the PC during your session will be erased once your session ends

To save a permanent copy of your work you will need to supply your own USB drive or send a copy to your email

You are responsible for your own computer files


Safety tips for using public computers

Remember to log-out of internet websites and applications - DO NOT save your passwords - some sites (such as gmail) will by default have 'Save my password' (or similar) ticked - unchunitck it prior to logging in

Avoid entering sensitive information into public computers

If you must enter sensitive information into a public computer, such as internet banking, refrain from leaving the computer unattended while the information is displayed

You may wish to consider deleting your browsing history if you have been looking at sensitive items. To delete your browsing history:

  • Go to Tools
  • From the drop down menu select Delete browsing history
  • Select Delete all - this will clear all the websites which you have visited during your session


 Printing Facilities
From PCs (A4, black and white only) 20c per page
Photocopying facilities are also available, more information on available services and pricing here