Library fees and charges 2016 - 2017

Please note, the Library doesn't have Eftpos or credit card facilities.

 Item  Fee
Black and white A4
Black and White A3
Colour A4
Colour A3
Book sale Prices vary starting @ 0.50
Replacement Membership Cards $6.50
Internet Guest Pass - 1hr sessions only (or 15 mins free) $4.00
Library bags $1.00
Children's Reading Door Hanger
USB device $10
Headphones $4
Lost/damage of Library items
Replacement cost of item (minimum cost $7.50)
Printing (per page/black and white only)
Internet training class (Offered to Library Members only) $10.00
Temporary membership deposit (single) $50.00
Room Hire (per hour)  
Group Studies Room $15.00
Reading Room
Interview Room

Non-collected reservation fee

Event Attendance  
Introductory/Special Events
Free- Demand/Extension
1-2hrs $15.00
Per hour over 2hrs
Historical photos on disc (Council copyright)  
1 image $5.00
2 or more images (per image) $2.00
Debt collection administration fee $10.00
Overdue loan fines  
Per day/per item overdue $0.20                                    
Maximum overdue charge per item $5.00