How to renew items

Items may not be renewed online when:

  • the items are overdue;
  • the items have been requested from another library member;
  • the items have been renewed previously (as each item may only be renewed once); and
  • the items are DVDs (DVDs may not be renewed).


To renew overdue items you must contact the library by telephone on 9383 8999 or email,


To renew items that you currently have on loan, follow the steps below. Please note: you must have already created a Library Catalogue account. Further instructions are available here.


Step 1. Sign in to your account. Go to the Cambridge Library website and click on the 'Library Catalogues' link.


Next, click on 'Enter Library Catalogue' link.
This will take you to the Library catalogue. From here, click on the Sign In tab next to the 'My Membership' tab in the top right corner.
To do this, you need to have a current email address registered with the Library and you must also have created an account. If you don't have an email address, please contact the Library on 9383 8999.
Enter your library card barcode and password and then press on 'Sign in'.
Once you have signed in, click on the 'My Membership'' tab.
A screen will display called My Cambridge Library Account which will have a record of your Checkouts (items on loan) with the due date, any Holds (reservations) and any Charges (account fees)


Step 2. Renew your items


To renew items, look at your list of items on loan and next to each item, if the item can be renewed there is a 'Renew' button. If there is no renew button, you're not able to renew the item.

Click on the button to renew your items.

Once you have clicked on the 'Renew' button, next to the item a message will display saying you have successfully renewed this item and give you the new due date.
Please make sure you Sign Out when you are finished.

Contact us if you have any further questions, or require assistance.