How to Use Intramaps

Online mapping (Intramaps) allows you to search any property within the Town of Cambridge, accessing information such as property zoning, rubbish and recycling collection days and more.


See below for instructions on how to use Intramaps, or select the logo below and start using it now.



Moving around the Map

 Icon What it does 
Zoom In

Zoom in - click and drag on the map to zoom in on an area, or click once on the map to zoom in on a point (alternatively, roll your mouse wheel forwards)

Zoom Out

Zoom out - click on the map to zoom out (alternatively, roll your mouse wheel backwards) 


Pan - click and drag to pan the map (alternatively, hold down your mouse wheel and drag (Internet Explorer only)
Previous Go back to previous view 
Forward Move forward to next view
Refresh Refresh map
Home Go back to Home view


Making a selection

 Icon  What it does
8.jpg  Point selection - click on the map to select a parcel.
Rectangle select  Rectangle selection - click and drag on the map to draw a rectangle, then release the mouse button to complete your selection.
10.jpg  Polygon selection - click on the map to draw a polygon, then double click to complete your selection.
Clear  Clear your selection.
12.jpg  Zoom to your current selection.
Zoom to entire selection  Zoom to your entire selection.



 Icon What it does 
 Measure a distance - click on the map to start measuring, double click to finish
Measure area  Measure an area - click on the map to start measuring an area, double click to finish



 Icon What it does 
 Print .pdf of map
Display legend
 Legend - display map legend



 Icon  What it does
Aerial slider

Aerial slider - click and drag the slider to overlay the latest aerial photography onto the map



Search area
 Fill in search criteria to search properties within the Town.