Cambridge Notes

 Walking to church - West Leederville circa 1905 


What is Cambridge Notes?

Cambridge Notes is the Local Studies database, used for searching the local studies collection.

The main database is made up of two separate databases, 'Timeline' and 'Resources'.

The 'Timeline' database holds snippets of information on historical events in the Cambridge area.

The 'Resource' database is an index of local studies items that are not contained in the main Cambridge Library catalogue.

Currently the 'Resource' database holds information on all articles in the newspaper clippings collection and reference to the photographic collection (a photograph reference number and description is available on-line, however photographs can only be viewed at the Library).


How to search Cambridge Notes

1.            Choose either the Timeline or Resource database.

2.            Enter keyword/s in the search terms field and select the 'Search' button to retrieve results.


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